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like ok from the day she got on the hogwarts express, people were making fun of her and she’s never viewed as pretty or attractive until the moment in the first gif.

and because ron is fuckin jealous, he makes her feel like shit and ugh it’s like her one night of being someone else is just shattered and and and


I get really annoyed with people who are like “well she could have asked ron first instead of screaming at him to not use her as a last resort.”

well… no. She was asked by krum right away. She wanted to go with him. She wasn’t going alone and moaning that Ron hadn’t asked her. Her objection was to being treated like she should have been available to him, and being treated like she was lying about having a date. And who the fuck wouldn’t be offended by somebody thinking that they’re so undesirable that they made up a date?

this post actually made me almost cry no joke

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What did you think about flatline?


There’s really nothing that I can say particularly bugged me about this episode, but on the other hand, there’s not much about it that I was super impressed with. It just felt like another meh episode, a tad of character development here and there for the Doctor and Clara, a plot that didn’t make me feel like there was a ton at stake, and not much emotional investment into any of the side characters.

Then again, like I said about Mummy on the Orient Express, all the emotional relevancy I felt had been tossed out the window and sadly this episode didn’t bring that back. Nor did it really harm it. But I will say that Clara and Danny’s relationship isn’t doing any favors for me due to the fact that there shouldn’t be this situation where she’s having to lie about still traveling with the Doctor.

Like she’s a free person, she shouldn’t have to make up lies to make her boyfriend happy or to convince the Doctor that she needs his approval to travel. And that honestly kinda puts me off from their already forced and rushed relationship. (“Danny gets territorial”, I’m sorry but what kind of “healthy” relationship is that?)

Just the biggest thing about this season so far is that I have pretty much zero attachment to any of the characters right now. Clara really has come into her own within this season and I’m happy for that, she’s more than a plot device now. While Twelve is great, he really is, there’s nothing that I can say I’m attached to him for. But there just hasn’t been anything to resonate with me and make me really care.

I digress. This episode was another pretty meh episode among a pretty meh season (although it’s better than 6 or 7; but I can definitely say that Capaldi deserved better for his first season). Definitely not a bad episode, but it’s not particularly great either.


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what is your opinion over Moffat?


Oh boy, that’s a dangerous question, love. Glad you didn’t ask me about this yesterday, I might’ve exploded ahaha. I’ll stick this under a Read More just to be safe. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion and doesn’t mean it has to influence any of yours. You like Moffat? That’s great and perfect! You like what you like, and I don’t want to change that. Please, please remember that it’s only my opinion. Apologies if there are any typos in this thing, I didn’t get as much sleep as I would’ve liked to last night.

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Why tho, she's hella rad


Alright, this might get pretty long is really damn long, so I’ll stick this under a read more <3

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Bones shows, once again, that beneath of her cool scientific exterior beats a heart of gold, and a soul as much or more in touch with the deepest things in the universe as the most devout believer.

Paul Levinson on 10x02’s final scene, Brennan’s eulogy about Sweets (via b0nesbones)